State bank of India Salaries


State Bank of India is one of the best paying banks in India. The bank pays salaries based on the level of professional experience, qualification and job title.

Among the highest paid employees at the bank include the Chief Executive Officer who earns Rs 500,000-Rs 1 million. The Chief Finance Officer who earns Rs 200,000-Rs 400,000 and directors of departments who pocket at least Rs 100,000

The highest number of employees at the bank include cashiers and casual workers. The cashiers at the bank are paid according to the years one has worked for the bank. The salary ranges from Rs 10,000-Rs 30,000

Front office staff, who are the lowest paid staff at the bank pocket Rs 4,000-Rs 12,000 while accountants pocket Rs 15,000-Rs 35,000 depending on the level of experience.

Fresh graduate with zero professional experience earn Rs 6,000-Rs 18,000 while Chartered Financial Analysts, who are recruited as specialists earn at least Rs 40,000