Statistics and Data Analysts Salaries in Kenya


Statisticians are among the highest paid professionals in Kenya, most of them earning in excess of Sh 100,000 per month.

Starting salaries for statisticians, most of them in NGOs are higher compared to most professionals in Kenya. For instance, KMRI, which employs statisticians and data analysts each year pay them starting salary of over Sh 75, 000, which you will not get in areas like banks.

One thing students pursuing statistics should know is that once you have graduated, you can work anywhere because the course is diverse, but you are most likely to work in KRA,Kenyan National Bureau of Statistics,NGOs,KEMRI,ICRAF,UN,Ministry of Finance, Central Bank,NSE,PWC,E&Y,Deloitte,KNH,KPMG,KPA ,banks and many other organizations-the course is so wide that you can find yourself even in hotels working as planning officer.

According to our statistics, the average salary of fresh graduate statisticians is Sh 70, 000, this includes those who join banks and other companies that pay as little as Ksh 25,000.

The average salary of statisticians who work in NGOs in Kenya is Ksh110, 000, and those working in government institutions is Ksh 85,000.

Banks pay statistics graduates just like other employees, and the average salary is Ksh 55,000.

Research companies like Synovate,Consumer Insight and infotrak don’t pay junior statisticians well.In fact,fresh graduates are paid Sh 35,000-Sh55,000.But senior statisticians are paid in excess of Sh 180,000