Testimony of a Blogger Who used SEMrush SEO tool and his AdSense Income increased from $10 to $100 per day within three months


A blogger who has used SEMrush for one year has shared his testimony of how SEMrush SEO tool helped him improve his blog income from $10 to $100 per day in three months. Here is the blogger’s story.

“I have used SEMrush for one year now and the results are amazing. I decided to use the tool last year, 2016, when a fellow blogger recommended it to me.That time my AdSense income was averaging $10 per day and I wanted to do something uncommon so that the earnings would improve to a significant level. Initially I had tried to boost my articles on Twitter and Facebook but the results were not satisfying me, I decided to give SEMrush a try. I signed up through this link and the company allowed me to try the tool for one month.

I have been using SEMrush since 2016 and to be honest it has not disappointed me.One thing I got from this tool was the fact that I was able to spy on my fellow bloggers’ content.SEMrush shows me the keywords that are trending which I focus in writing my content. By writing I am able to share traffic with my competitors-this means we are able to share traffic equally, leading to the growth of my blog.

After I started using SEMrush, I noticed a significant increase in traffic. This was due to the many long tail SEMrush suggested for my blog. The exponential growth in traffic, from 3,000 to 30,000 per day was also contributed with the ease in which I wrote the articles and the SEO boost I got from the company.

Due to the increase of traffic, I was able to make approximately $100 per day. This money has since grown to more than 200 per day.

One secret I have employed for my articles is to ensure I use the highest paying keywords. I am able to do this because SEMrush shows how much companies pay for some keywords.

The most amazing thing about my articles since I started using SEMrush is that some of the clicks I receive from AdSense costs over $50, something I didn’t experience before.

The moment I noticed a difference in my earnings and traffic,I decided to subscribe for $100 plan. Every month I pay $100 but I am able to recover the money within a day.If you want to test the tool, you can sign up for free through this link (SEMrush link) and you will notice the difference