Testimony of a Successful Blogger in Nigeria


How do you know you are a successful blogger? Here is a testimony of one of the most successful bloggers in Nigeria, a man who has undergone a million challenges before he finally succeeded in his game. Alex is the blogger and here is his story.

“I would like to tell my story, how I started up to where I am as a blogger. My journey started in 2014 after I completed college. Armed with a university degree, I decided to search for employment, little did I know the world would resist my advances. Two months elapsed, three months, four months until and finally a year.I initially suspected my CV and cover letter, then my qualification and finally my approach to interview questions. But reality dawned on me that the problem was not with me but the system—there are not jobs in our country.

Frustrated, I decided to try luck in online writing, something I heard in college. This is where I discovered my talent.Intitially,I started to write proposals and projects for students abroad but I found the job tough for me but as I was learning the art of online writing I discovered what we call blogging.

In 2016, exactly 2 years after my graduation, my blog was born. I bought a domain name from Bluehost and did my website with a free WordPress Theme.

My blogging journey started on a bad note when AdSense rejected my request but I continued producing content until one morning, two months later when AdSense accepted me—I was happy.

With my AdSense as the main source of income, I was sure I could make millions from the platform, my work was to come up with nice articles on a regular basic. I decided to specialize on career niche, which has the highest paying key words.

Six months after launching my blog, I had earned less than $100 from AdSense, but this did not kill my ambitions. I continued trying until my articles started appearing on page one of search engines. But I had one problem,I wasn’t able to place Google adverts in strategic positions within the blog, I knew the problem was the free theme.

After searching online for a while, I realized Newspaper Theme was the best for my blog, I bought it from here (link).Wonders happened after I installed the template. From receiving 300 visitors, my blog traffic spiked to over 2,000 per day, AdSense earnings also skyrocketed.

Encouraged, I started writing at least 10 articles per day without skipping a single day.My blog started getting noticed and within no time,I started receiving direct adverts from corporates.

It’s now 1 and half years since I began blogging and I can smell success from my neighbourhood.In a day I make $60-$120 from AdSense, at least $20 from direct adverts. My blog receives over 20,000 daily visitors.

I am happy so far.I thank God I wasn’t able to secure employment when I needed it.I believe I am independent enough to sustain my life and my future family.

What I can advise other Nigerians who want to join blogging is that it’s hard to make decent income from blogging but with determination, you can make it.