The best Places to Do Wheat Farming in Kenya

Wheat farming is rare in Kenya, but what surprises me is the class of those who engage in this kind of farming.

Throughout my research, I realized that 80 percent of those who plant wheat and supply to various industries are rich. The big in this business include former powerful minister Simeon Nyachae, former President Daniel Arap Moi among other famous Kenyans.

It’s so inspiring to see the likes of former President, despite being named one of the wealthiest Africans, spending time in his farm as a wheat farmer.

There is one secret that these people have never told you; wheat farming has good money in Kenya. One acre piece of land can produce over 20 sacks of wheat. Wheat in a single sack of 100 kgs costs at least Ksh 5,000.If the farmer manages to harvest a minimum of 20 sacks then he will make Ksh 100,000 in less than 4 months.

However, in order to realize maximum profits, a farmer ought to plant wheat in large scale, which is possible in some parts of Kenya.

One reason why it’s advantageous to plant in large scale is because it doesn’t require huge labour, unlike maize and tomatoes. Another advantage is that it takes little time from the time they’re planted to harvest time.

Not every region in Kenya can support wheat farming because of the type of soil. But a number of regions have soil which is favourable for the crop. The following are regions you can do wheat farming in Kenya.

1. Kitale
Anywhere you move in Kitale, there is farming going on; it’s called a hot bed of farming. Apart from Kisii, Kitale is another region in Kenya which feeds the country. The climate is good and the soil is perfect. Land is also enough for large scale farming.

Almost every crop does well in Kitale, except coconuts, which are resistant to low temperatures.

2. Narok
Most parts of Narok have good soils, which produce maximum yields of wheat. As you pass through Narok-Nairobi road, you notice that wheat is scattered everywhere. Since time immemorial wheat has been the main crops planted in Narok.

3. Nakuru
Nakuru is also another town which has potential to give wheat farmers value for their money. Former President Moi always plant wheat in his Kabarak residence. There are also several farmers who engage in wheat farming in the area.

4. Kisii
It rains almost daily in Kisii and the locals love the weather because they are generally farmers.

If you intend to do wheat farming then Kisii is the place to be. Though land is scarce in Kisii, you can always get some, which you can do small scale wheat farming.

Actually, most people in Kajiado are pastoralists but few are now embracing farming.

Last year, my friend acquired 4 acres of land and planted wheat. When he harvested the crop he immediately sold to Kabansora.The profit he got from the experiment enabled him buy a plot in Kamulu and also continue farming in the land.

Other viable areas include Kericho,Eldoret and Trans Mara






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