The Best Web Hosting Company for WordPress Viral Websites


Which is the best Web hosting company for viral WordPress Viral websites?

Here we are going to give our honest opinion regarding the best web hosting company for viral WordPress websites and I would recommend based on my experience.

I have tried several web hosting companies, which include Bluehost,LiquidWeb and other local companies but I haven’t found a web hosting company that comes nearer to Kinsta.There is something strange that happened to me last year that forced me to look for a hosting company that will satisfy my needs. After searching for a while, I came across an article that recommended Kinsta.This particular article explained clearly what Kinsta would do and among the strengths was the ability of the company’s servers to scale automatically when there is traffic spikes. My website at the time had experienced frequent downtime so I wanted to migrate immediately. Another thing that motivated me into joining Kinsta was the fact that they offered free migration of my site from another hosting company into their servers.

One morning, I resolved to take a risk and I contacted Kinsta through this link. After sending them a message, they responded immediately and told me to fill some personal information on their cheapest plan, Business 1.I sent the information and they responded promptedly.It only took them two hours to complete the migration process.

Since I migrated my sites to Kinsta-I have a total of 5 sites-I have never experienced any issues, in fact the traffic has more than doubled and I have earned what initially seemed a pipe dream.

At first I thought the money they were asking was a lot until I gave it a try. After one month and satisfied with their services, I decided to upgrade to a $200 per month plan and migrated all my sites to Kinsta.Eventually,the money seemed reasonable considering the frequent complaints I used to receive from my customers about the downtime disappeared.

If you have a viral WordPress site, Kinsta is for sure the best Web Hosting company, particularly a website that receives more than 15,000 page views per day. The beauty here is that there is not time your website can go down, besides even if you your website receives more than 100,000 visits in a single day Kinsta servers will be able to scale so as to sustain the website traffic.

The good thing about Kinsta is that you pay on monthly basis,unlike other  web hosting companies that bills once for entire year.This means if you aren’t financially prepared, you can talk to Kinsta customer care through a chat and can solve your issue-they are reasonable.

Below is a link to the company’s plans

Kinsta link