The Regent’s School Abuja,Nigeria Fees Structure


The Regent’s School Abuja,Nigeria Fees Structure for the years 2017 and 2018 is as follows


THB 5,500 non-refundable. This is payable upon submitting the application form.


THB 55,000 non- refundable


This is payable upon acceptance of your child and before enrollment to the school.


THB 75,000 non refundable


This is payable prior to class admission and before start the school. The offer of a place at the School will lapse by the due date as advised by the School. If no payment has been received, and may be given to other students on our waiting list

        Thai Baht
Year Group Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Annual Fees
Pre Nursery 107,000 107,000 107,000 321,000
Nursery & Reception 118,000 118,000 118,000 354,000
Year 1 – Year 2 149,500 149,500 149,500 448,500
Year 3 – Year 6 157,500 157,500 157,500 472,500
Year 7 – Year 9 201,700 201,700 201,700 605,100
Year 10 203,700 203,700 203,700 611,100
  installments 1/2 installments 2/2   Annual Fees
Year 11-13 * 305,550 305,550   611,100


*Annual tuition fees for Year 11, 12 and 13 are to be paid in two equal payments


before Terms 1 and 2 commence.


*The tuition fees exclude IGCSE Examination, IB fees, Extra Examination fees and Trips

    Per term  
Year 1 – Year 2 27,000  
Year 3 – Year 6 29,100  
Year 1 – Year 2 Per term  
Year 3 – Year 4 45,700  
Year 5 – Year 6 48,800  
    Per term  
Year 7 & up 41,500  
Year 7 & up 73,100  
    Per term  
Year 4 – 6 85,000  
Year 7 & up 99,000  
Personal Expenses * 30,000  

* Health Medical Insurance is also available for boarders (Premium per year appx 7,500THB.)


Please ask for information from Admissions.

    Per term
Pre Nursery-Receiption Compulsory 8,000
Year 1-13 Compulsory 8,500
All day students are required to pay for school lunch unless they have  
strict dietary requirements specified by a medical certificate.  


Regent Bangkok Education Co., Ltd.

ELD Fees/IELD Fees      The ELD Fees/IELD Fees will be charged only to those students who require additional


English language support in the classroom.


Boarding Fee                 The Boarding Fee is inclusive of meals, afternoon activities, laundry


24-hour supervision from qualified staff.


Accident Insurance       The school has accident insurance for students free of charge which covers


them up to Baht 10,000 for medical expenses.


Medical Insurnace        The Medical Health Insurance is available for Boarders at the Premiem


(Optional)                       of 7,500 Baht per year. Details of each plan is available upon request.


School Uniform             Uniforms can be purchased from the Finance office.


School Bus                      A school bus service is available on request. The cost of this depends upon


distance from the school.


Annual Payment           For parents who wish to pay full annual tuition fees in advance,


Discount                         special discounts are offered in the form of 3 savings opportunities,


the first being in October, the second in January and the final in May


For more info please contact Finance office at [email protected]


Multi Years Savings plan is also possible.


Method of Payment    All Fees are invoiced and payable in Thai Baht.


Bank transfer directly to our accounts at any of the following 3 banks:


(a copy of the pay-in slip should be email to [email protected], Line ID: financebkk )


Account Name:


Bank : Siam Commercial Bank PLC (SCB) Krung Thai Bank PLC (KTB)
Branch : Ratchayothin Pracha-Uthit Road
Savings Account: 111-2-25354-5 094-0-16669-0
Bank : Kasikorn Bank PLC (Kbank)  
Branch : Thiam Ruam Mit  
Savings Account : 733-2-50356-6  
Swift code : KASITHBK  


Thai personal cheques, cashiers cheques and bankers’ drafts are accepted. We are unable to accept overseas cheques and bankers’ drafts due to


the long time these take to get cleared. Receipts for payments by personal cheque will only be issued once the cheque has cleared.


Please note that all bank charges,including third party bank charges are the responsibility of the transferor and will be deducted from the net received.


Credit Card Payments The school accepts payment by credit card (Visa, Master card ) on certain conditions. Please note that for all credit card and debit card payments a


1.5% charge is levied.


Late payment charge The students will not allow to atend classes If there are outstanding payments by the deadline for each term, until full payment is made.


In addition, a late payment fee of THB5,000 plus a charge of THB500 per day will be invoiced.


Notice of Withdrawal    Withdrawal from the school requires one full-term’s notice