Things That Can Make You Lose Your Job


Having a job is a noble thing to someone who needs employment in order to pay bills and sustain their lifestyle, but sometimes there are small things that we do which might end our careers.


This one is inevitable. More than 10 % of people lose jobs in the world annually due to chronic illness. Though we can argue that sickness is inevitable, employers want to see results so as to beat competition. If they realize that you are suffering from chronic diseases like Cancer or diabetes and you are incapable of performing your duties, they will use the set out rules to sack you.

Social media

Social media has become part and parcel of our lives, but its effects have overshadowed our careers, more often creating friction between employers and employees.

Statistics show that over 20 % of employees are fired every year due to misuse of social media.

When a company employs you to perform roles that need attention to details, social media should be the least tool to visit when on duty, unless you want your boss to show you the door. Facebook, particularly, has become a thorn in the flesh of many employees, who usually forget the details of their contractual agreement with the bosses.

Fighting the boss

If you want peace in your work environment show your boss respect. Even slightest sign of disrespect to your boss can see you fired.

There is a law that states: “never overshadow your boss”. You should use this to avoid unnecessary confrontations with the boss.

Not upgrading your skills

There are a million people in the world who reach a comfort zone the moment they are offered a permanent job. If you are among this group, be prepared to go home.

The world is changing, you should also change with it.If you were employed with just a diploma, make sure you enroll for a degree course so as to limit competition.

A company may want to rest some of its employees, and if you are among the least qualified then nothing will stop it from sacking you.


Absconding duties

If your employment letter states that you must report on duty and leave office at specific state, avoid being your own boss and setting imaginary time for yourself.

More than 40 % of people who get fired annually blame their laziness and incompetency for their troubles.

Absconding duties means you are not employee material, and no employer will ever tolerate such a character.

Office relationships

If you befriend your workmate and the company notices that your relationship is affecting your performance, chances of getting fired are high.

Misusing office stationery and telephone

Avoid misusing office stationery and telephone at all costs. If you want to make personal calls, an office telephone is not the best to use-so many people have lost their jobs because of this mistake.