This Is How Akothee Brags;Ex-Boyfriends Will burst If They See This


Musician,Akothee,has revealed she is doing better than all her ex-boyfriends.

In a stinging Facebook post, the boastful musician stated she doesn’t care or give a damn about a man..she dumps them when she wants.

“I have never met any of my Exes doing better than me , that’s why I am never afraid of walking away from any relationship that doesn’t add value to my life , I care about my feelings 😂 😂 😂 😂, call your erea chief to come collect me & arrest am 😂 😂 😂 call me any name that suits your hustle ( divorcee, polygamous, single , serial heartbreaker, sturbon, poly… 😂 😂 , nakadhalika) I will still dump you like a hot pan , the rest are making noise “

Akothee is a divorcee and currently is searching for a man to marry her,a year after she aborted her twins.

The musician is a mother of five,children she sampled from different fathers.