Men mostly get bald at 50 but some experience male pattern baldness at a relatively young age. It is not just about losing hair, it is a problem. Even women get affected by baldness especially after menopause. In women though, it tends to affect the top of the head particularly. It is a common and harmless condition. This is what causes male pattern baldness

Thing is, hair is produced but appears so small and invisible this therefore leads to ebbing hair or the bald spot. It is usually called a manufacturing defect. The condition sometimes can be hereditary and genetic. Besides that, male hormones can also cause these changes. This happens when testosterone, a male hormone, is converted to dihydrotesterone. Affected hair follicles can be sensitive to the new hormone.

The cycle of hair growth is a continuous process. If affected, you gradually become bald. Hair follicles that get affected increasingly become smaller than normal. This makes each new hair to appear thinner. The new hair then grows for much less time. The normal time span for growing hair is three years. This one goes for less. Eventually, a smaller hair follicle and thin hair that do not even grow to the skin surface develop.

Experts hope to develop a cream to help stem cells grow normal hair. Most people do not actually seek treatment for baldness. Unless you don’t feel good about your appearance, you could go for hair transplantation or wear wigs. Yes, wigs!