Top 20 Highest Paying Companies in Rwanda

Rwanda has over 10,000 companies you can apply for employment, but few companies pay well. If you are a job seeker and wish to apply for employment, here are the best companies you should drop your CV

  1. Bank of Kigali
  2. Commercial Bank of Rwanda ( BCR)
  3. Rwanda Development Bank (BRD)
  4. EcoBanque – Rwanda
  5. Kenya Commercial Bank (Rwanda)
  6. Food and Agricultural Organisation ( FAO)
  7. Save the Children
  8. World Health Organization (WHO)
  9. Handicap International
  10. VSO
  11. PSI
  12. SNV
  13. AVSI
  14. Britam Insurance
  15. Phoenix Assurance
  16. Rwanda Energy Group
  17. KPMG Rwanda
  18. PKF Rwanda
  19. Pricewaterhouse Coopers Rwanda
  20. KenolKobil

The best paying companies include PWC.PKF,NGOs and Insurance companies.

If you are lucky to secure employment at PWC,you will earn a starting salary of not less than $500 per month.PKF,which is one of the largest audit firms in the world, pays slightly less than PWC but their salaries are worth working for them.

World Health Organization is affiliated with the United Nations. The basic salary of a fresh graduate at WHO Rwanda is $1,000 while experienced graduates earn in excess of $2,000

Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) is also another organization that is affiliated with the United Nations. The organization pays average salary of $1,500 per month, but majority of employees earn more than this money.

Rwanda Energy Group and Bank of Kigali also joins other well-paying companies in Rwanda. If you are lucky to join these organizations, you will earn more than $500 per month.

There are also other companies which pay well in Rwanda, but these companies are multinationals