Top 20 Most Popular Keywords in Uganda in 2018

If you’re a Ugandan blogger and you wish to make money online, mastering the most popular keywords will go a long way into helping you gain massive readership. In 2018, several keywords are trending but the following are the most popular among them.

  1. Business with small capital in Uganda
  2. Top 10 Richest people in Uganda
  3. Top 10 Richest Musicians in Uganda
  4. Marketable courses in Uganda
  5. Jose Chameleone
  6. Zari Hassan
  7. Makerere University Courses
  8. Uganda Revenue Authority
  9. How to attract money
  10. How to satisfy your partner in bed
  11. How to make a woman happy
  12. How to design a website
  13. How to register to vote
  14. How to wear leggings on wedge sneakers
  15. How to make money online
  16. Best paying jobs in Uganda
  17. Most expensive houses in Kampala
  18. How to become rich in Uganda
  19. How to get pregnant
  20. How to satisfy a woman

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