Top 60 Best Degree Courses To Study in South Africa in 2017


There are over 300 degree courses to pursue in South Africa but only a few of them can guarantee attractive salary package and stable employment. It is always advisable to select the best courses when choosing a career.

In 2017, if you want to enroll for a degree course, here are top 60 best degree programs you can choose from

  1. Bachelor Of Veterinary Medicine
  2. In Wildlife Management And Conservation
  3. Bachelor Of Science In Petroleum Geoscience
  4. Bachelor Of Science In Actuarial Science
  5. Bachelor Of Science In Mathematics
  6. Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
  7. Computer Science
  8. Bachelor Of Education (science)
  9. sc. (civil Engineering)
  10. sc. ( Electrical And Electronic Engineering)
  11. sc.(surveying)
  12. sc. ( Electrical Engineering)
  13. sc. (geospatial Engineering)
  14. sc. (mechanical Engineering)
  15. Bachelor Of Real Estate
  16. Bachelor Of Construction Management
  17. Bachelor Of Quantity Surveying
  18. a (urban & Regional Planning)
  19. Bachelor Of Science In Pure Mathematics
  20. Bachelor Of Science In Applied Mathematics
  21. Bachelor Of Commerce In Accounting
  22. Bachelor Of Commerce In Finance
  23. Bachelor Of Commerce In Marketing
  24. Bachelor Of Commerce In Human Resource Management
  25. Bachelor Of Commerce In Insurance And Management
  26. Bachelor Of Commerce In Procurement And Purchasing And Supplies
  27. Bachelor Of Commerce In Operations Management
  28. Bachelor Of Commerce In Business Information Systems
  29. Bachelor Of Arts In Political Science And Public Administration
  30. Bachelor Of Education In Early Childhood Education
  31. Bachelors In Project Planning And Management
  32. Bachelor Of Science In Medical Laboratory Science And Technology
  33. Bachelor Of Science (intercalated) (honors) In Medical Physiology
  34. sc. Human Anatomy(intercalated)
  35. Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery
  36. sc. Medical Physiology
  37. sc. ( Nursing)
  38. Bachelor Of Dental Surgery
  39. Bachelor Of Pharmacy
  40. Bachelor Of Economics
  41. Bachelor Of Economics & Statistics
  42. Bachelor Of Commerce – Finance Option
  43. Bachelor Of Commerce- Accounting Option
  44. Bachelor Of Arts In International Studies
  45. Bachelor Of Arts (broadcast Production)
  46. Bachelor Of Arts (journalism & Media Studies)
  47. Bachelor of Construction Management
  48. Bachelor of Applied Statistics
  49. Electronic & Computer Engineering
  50. Environmental Horticulture And Landscaping Technology
  51. Financial Engineering
  52. Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  53. Mechatronics Engineering
  54. Telecommunication & Information Engineering
  55. Bachelor of GIS and Remote Sensing
  56. Bachelor of Biostatistics
  57. Bachelor of Monitoring and Evaluation
  58. Bachelor of Law
  59. Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering
  60. Bachelor of Oil and Gas Engineering

Now, these are the undergraduate programs which have plenty of job opportunities and also marketable even beyond South Africa.

As a citizen who wants to succeed in life, you need to carefully choose a career, otherwise you may end up being miserable as others make in excess of R100,000 per month due to their wise choices.