Top and Best Diploma Courses to Study That Could Give You a Job in India


India is one of the countries with top universities with the best courses East and West of the world. Some of the best doctors, for instance, come from India; leave alone accountants.

Having researched on the education system and job market in India, I believe this article could help you make the right choice in regards to the best diploma course to study in India and become marketable anywhere on earth.

Making the right choice as far as your career is concerned could greatly determine what your future will look like. It is therefore not fruitless to determine as early as before you join college the right diploma course that could make you grow both financially and professionally.

The following is a list of the best diploma courses to study in India.

  1. Diploma in Paithani Handicraft & Modern Garments
  2. Diploma in Accounting and Finance
  3. Diploma in Education Technology (DET)
  4. Diploma in Chemo-Informatics (DCI)
  5. Diploma in Hotel and Institutional Management
  6. Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  7. Diploma in Web Design
  8. Diploma in Real Estate Management
  9. Diploma in Sales and Marketing
  10. Diploma in Co-operative Management
  11. Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies
  12. PG Diploma in Preventive & Promotive Healthcare
  13. Yuvodaya
  14. Diploma in Archives Keeping
  15. Diploma in Education Technology
  16. IATA Foundation Course






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