Top Degree Programs in Africa: Trending Courses to Study in Africa


There are over 1,000 degree programs to study in African Universities but not all the courses are trending. The best and most marketable courses are those pursued by few individuals, whose salaries are good and provide opportunity for entrepreneurship.

Marketable courses should provide solution to individuals and companies. They should also be unique such that nobody can replace you unless he shares your skills.

Below is a list of best and marketable courses to study in Africa.

Medicine and Surgery

Medicine and Surgery is the best course to study in any African university. The course, which takes at least 5 years to graduate, prepares a student for prosperous career coupled with comfortable salary.

The beauty of Medicine and Surgery course is that even if you don’t get employed by anyone you can start your own clinic or hospital and get ready clients.

Actuarial Science

Actuarial science is a course applied in Insurance, banking and NGOs where the professionals model risks so as the institutions can prepare for uncertainties.

Any actuary who possesses a degree course and professional actuarial courses will change jobs like clothes. The salary for actuaries is also not less than $2,000 in almost all African countries.

But you have to be aware than Actuarial science degree without professional course may render you jobless. The best thing is to combine with professional courses in actuarial or CFA.

Bachelor of Commerce

Though many people nowadays rush to study bachelor of commerce, the market for the course is not about to fade off. Bachelor of commerce is the best degree courses for any African who wants to join the business world.

With a bachelor of commerce, a CFA, CISA, CPA, ACCA or audit professional courses chances of being jobless are minimal.

Bachelor of commerce students specialize in accounting, finance, supply and procurement, human resource and marketing.


Engineering courses comprise of civil, electrical, oil and gas and mechanical engineering

These courses are so technical that anyone with the skills will not share the job with individuals who didn’t pursue the course.

Engneers, especially the oil and gas engineers are the best paid professionals in Africa. Those who work for oil and exploration companies earn at least $ 1,500 per month.


Lawyers are in demand all over the world. Clients are increasing each day as clients continue committing crimes. As a lawyer you will either choose to be employed or engage in private practice.

One thing I like about this profession is that you don’t strain to perform, if it’s your passion you enjoy your work until you die. This profession also attracts a lot of respect.


Nursing can be pursued at diploma level or degree level. Any level is good as long as the student knows how to maneuver his way to success. What I usually tell these graduates is to engage in private business once they are through with school if they want quick money. With a nursing degree you can start your own clinic, pharmacy or any other related business.

You can also work anywhere in the world when you have a nursing certificate. There are several countries which have a deficit of nurses.

Sales and Marketing

As long as companies continue selling their products, sales and marketing course will forever be marketable.

There are many courses that will be irrelevant in future but sales and marketing will not at any cost.

The salaries for sales and marketing professionals are below many other professions but you will be assured of securing a job after graduation.

Social Media Consultancy (Journalism and Communication)

The world is literary migrating to social media. If you are keen enough you will notice that mainstream media are trailing blogs and online news sites. There is also a trend where marketing is trending on online.

If you pursue a course related to journalism and communication put more emphasis on social media, which is the future of journalism.

Terrorism studies

The emergency of ISiS, Alshabaab, Boko Haram and many insurgency groups have created necessity for terrorism studies in order to learn how the groups emerge, their organizations, and the patterns of spread. Governments and NGOs are recruiting experts to help them stop terrorism activities by providing training on intelligence and how to neutralize the groups.

Having such skills will not render you jobless.


Statisticians perform data analysis, monitoring and evaluation as well as research. Every country has a department within government institutions to monitor trends and patterns. This work is done by statisticians

With skills in statistical tools such as Stata, R, SPSS and proficiency in Excel, a statistician will always get a job to do.

Software Engineering/Computer Science

If you are good in programming you will be a hot cake. All over the world, companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, IBM and many other large corporations are in need of programmers. This skill is unique and very relevant in the modern world. But they need someone with passion and talent.