Top websites hosted by Kinsta and their Alexa Rank

You may wish to know top sites hosted by Kinsta before you decide to move your websites to the company.We have sampled some of the top blogs after across the world which have been hosted by Kinsta for over 3 years.

  1. Shoutmeloud

Shoutmeloud is a top blog in hosting and SEO niche.The website is hosted by Kinsta and it ranks among the most popular websites in the world.Currently,its Alexa rank is 8,800

  1. Venas News

Venas News moved to Kinsta in 2016 and so far we have been greatly impressed by their services.Our site ranks 18,000 globally and position 18 in Kenya.It receives over 100,000 page views per day.

  1. Intuit

Intuit receives over 100 million visitors per month.The website is hosted by Kinsta and its current global Alexa rank is 221

  1. The Sports Review

The Sports has a global rank of 48,000 and it’s currently hosted by Kinsta.Sportsreview receives traffic spikes but it has never gone down since moving to Kinsta.

  1. ValueWalk

If you need anything to do with investment, finance and business,visit Valuewalk.Each day,Valuewalk receives over 100,000 visitors but the site has never experienced downtime,thanks to kinsta.Valuewalk currently ranks among the 30,000 most popular sites in the world.

There are also more than 100 popular sites hosted by kinsta.What surprises me is that any website that moves to kinsta has never sought hosting services elsewhere,which means Kinsta is next to perfect,if not perfect.

If you’re tired with your current hosting company,visit Kinsta website through this link and tell them to migrate your site for free.