Types of Accounts You can Open at Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) and the operating costs


Commercial Bank of Africa gives Kenyans opportunity to operate several bank accounts. The best bank accounts you can open at the bank include, Star Business Account,Kiota Business Account,Seed Business Account,Business FCY Account and Business Savings Account. All these accounts are target specific groups;Business Savings Account is ideal for people who operate small businesses while FCY Account is ideal for people who wish to operate accounts in foreign currencies.

Below is a description of each account and the amount of money required to open and operate the accounts.

Star Business Account

The CBA Star Business Account offers a range of benefits that are designed to help your business grow. It’s the complete package for aspiring businesses.

It allows you to transact in a way that is most convenient for you. From branch banking to advanced electronic channels the Star Business Account makes deposits, withdrawals, and payments easier. It enables you to keep accurate banking records, which in turn helps you build a solid banking relationship. This helps you focus on running your business.

What the CBA Star Business Account offers

  • Only KES 2,000 opening balance required.
  • Minimum operating balance of- KES 0.
  • Your ledger fees are based on the number of transaction: KES 40 per transaction MIN.

Why the CBA Star Business Account

  • Overdraft Buffer of up to KES 50,000 subject to your qualification status.
  • You get free Lipa Na Mpesa managed by CBA (You can also transfer your Lipa Na Mpesa Till to your CBA account at no additional fees).
  • You can pay your KRA itax dues through CBAs Internet Banking platform for your convenience.

Kiota Business Account

Run your business hassle free without worrying about banking charges. Open a Kiota Business Account and watch your business grow. This account is suitable for businesses that require constant financial updates to determine their banking costs upfront.

What the CBA Kiota Business Account offers.

  • Minimum account opening balance of KES 2,000.
  • Minimum operating balance of KES 0.
  • Ledger fees (KES 1,000) covering:
  • Unlimited cheque books.
  • Unlimited internal transfers.
  • Your first 40 transactions in a month are free.
  • You get a free internal standing order to your linked Business Savings pocket.

Why the CBA Kiota Business Account

  • You get an Overdraft Buffer up to KES 30,000 subject to qualification.
  • You can borrow up to 200% of your current savings account balance.
  • You can pay your KRA itax dues through CBA’s Internet banking platform.
  • You get free daily, monthly, and quarterly e-Statements.
  • You receive a CBA Business Debit Card.

Seed Business Account

This is an account tailored for the go-getter, who sees opportunity and starts a business as a result.  The CBA Seed Business Current Account offers dreamers the opportunity to make their dreams of running a business a reality. The account offers entrepreneurs friendly savings and loan benefits. The low opening balance and a free savings pocket makes establishing a business easier and gives first time business owners the opportunity to start and run their business efficiently.

What the CBA Seed business Account offers.

  • Account opening balance from as little as KES 1,000
  • Minimum operating balance of KES 0.
  • Account maintenance fee of KES 300 if monthly average account balance is below KES 10,000.
  • You get a free standing order for your linked Business Savings Pocket.
  • There are no monthly ledger fees for the first 10 transactions per month. Excess transactions are charged at KES 40 per transaction.
  • You receive a business Debit Card.

Why the CBA Seed business Account

  • You can borrow up to 150% of your current Savings balance.
  • You can pay your KRA Itax through CBA’s Internet banking platform.
  • You can receive funds through your Business Debit card.
  • Competitive Credit interest earned is paid into your savings account.
  • You get free electronic daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly statements to keep you updated about your business.

 Business FCY Account

If your business regularly handles foreign currency then this is the account for you. Whether receiving or making payment in foreign currencies the FCY account will take away the pain of currency fluctuation. The Business FCY Account offers you a quick, easy, reliable platform, anywhere, anytime, and takes care of the currency fluctuation for you.

What the CBA Business FCY Account offers

  • Your account can be denominated in all major foreign currencies.
  • Monthly ledger fees Equivalent to USD 0.80 per transaction.