There isn’t a single person who does not experience headaches. It is a common problem. There are different types of headaches and you therefore need to know what kind you are going through. This is probably because not all headaches hurt similarly. The different types include migraines, sinus and tension headaches. This is how you know what you are going through and what kind of medication to go for.

Tension headaches

They can be dismal headaches. These are felt as pressure in the neck and the forehead. It also makes the scalp, neck and shoulders to feel tender. You therefore feel some type of pressure along those areas. They however go away in a few hours. In other cases it could be chronic and can therefore last most days of a month. The headaches can also be episodic in that they last a while and disappear like say, lasting an hour to a week for less days in a month.


These have four stages. Though not everyone goes through all of them. The Prodome stage comes with a lot of mood swings and food cravings. Not forgetting frequent yawning or increased thirst and neck stiffness. The second stage is the Aura stage. Here, you might have vision loss or experience body jerks. You may also see light flashes or bright spots. This may happen before or during the migraine. The headache, more like the attack is the third stage. Here you feel the sides of your head throbbing. This might last four to 72 hours. Vomiting, blurred vision, lightheadedness, nausea and light sensitivity are experienced at this stage. The last stage of a migraine is the post-drome. This happens after the migraine hence you feel confused, moody or even dizzy. The last stage might last a day.

Sinus headaches

Sinus headaches affect the cheeks, eyebrows or the forehead. The areas affected experience pain, pressure and fullness. It feels more like a sinus infection. The pain increases when you lean forward or lie down. Other symptoms include feeling weary and having a stuffy nose.