Universities Employers hate in Kenya


My neighbor scored a C- and he was admitted to Mount Kenya University to study Bachelor of Commerce. This was after attending pre-university classes for six months.

He graduated last year with an upper second class from the same University. I remember seeing his mother celebrating with the whole village, they even invited me for their son’s graduation ceremony but I was not in a position to attend.

One year later, my neighbour is at home plucking tea, not because it’s his hobby but he was forced to make himself busy because no employer wants to see him near. I always ask him why he is not even invited for interview but he defends himself by claiming that his time has not reached.

However, it is believed that employers prefer graduates from some universities to graduates from the universities we are going to list below.

1. Mount Kenya University
Mount Kenya University (MKU) is one of the many private universities in Kenya which has branches in almost every small town in the country.

Mount Kenya offers almost every course existing in the world. Employers have a believe that a University that offers several courses without clear teaching arrangements does not consider quality.
Students from this University, especially Doctors trail Doctors from established universities like the University of Nairobi.

2. St Paul University
St Paul University is another private University which does not appeal to most employers in the country. The quality of education in this university is always doubted because students are admitted with even a C- in KCSE

3. Kenya Methodist University (KEMU)
Kenya Methodist University initially used to offer courses in religion but later incorporated courses like Bachelor of Commerce and courses in technology and sciences.

Employers don’t seem to like graduates from KEMU.If for instance a graduate from KEMU attends same interview with a graduate from the University of Nairobi, the Kenya Methodist University graduate will automatically fail the interview.

4. Zetech University
Zetech University was until recently a college. The rate at which it was upgraded to a fully-fledged university raised many questions. Employers too don’t mind employing graduates from Universities like KU to Zetech graduates.

5. Riara University
There is no evidence of quality education at Riara University. Since employers have not seen any meaningful output from Graduates of Riara University, they tend to overlook their job applications when shortlisting for interviews.

Riara does a lot of advertisements on media but there is no evidence of quality in their graduates.

6. Nairobi aviation College
I have to put this college here for the reason you very well know. Nairobi Aviation College was recently accused of not teaching their students at all but they issue certificates to fake graduates.






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