Universities which admit students with C, C- and D KCSE grades for degrees in Kenya


I grew up knowing very well that in order to be admitted for a degree course in Kenya you must have at least a C+.I was forced to work extra hard in order to achieve this thresh hold. I made it after all.

The first time I realized that there are universities in Kenya that admit students with less than a C+ in KCSE was when my neighbor scored a D+ and we thought that he was headed nowhere, shock unto us; he was later admitted to a local university to study Bachelor of Commerce. After four years he was at home with a second class upper in the degree of Bachelor of Commerce.

Last year, I heard one of the Human Resources Officers in Nairobi arguing that out of the 2000 CVs they have in their database more than a quarter scored below C+ in KCSE.He wondered how they graduated in less than 3 years when other students took four years, does it mean they are more intelligent than the A students!

Last year, the Ministry of higher education questioned the quality of education in institutions which allow below average students to enroll for degrees without first going through pre-university courses.

What I understand is that with or without a C+ in KCSE, if a student is subjected to the same learning environment with an A student, they will both graduate. In the real world, high school grade does not matter, what matters is how best an employee discharge his duties. In most cases average students perform better than A students, this has been proved several times. Some companies like Earnest & Young have resolved not to consider grades when recruiting fresh graduates, they believe talent is the key when it comes to results.

If you scored less than a C+ in Kenya and you wish to continue with studies, the following are universities which can admit you with your grade
1. Mount Kenya University
2. Zetech University
3. St Paul University
4. Kenya Methodist University
5. Catholic University of Eastern Africa
6. Riara University
7. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
8. Gretsa University
9. Multimedia University of Kenya
If you apply with a D+ the University will take you through their pre university training, there after you will be admitted to study undergraduate course of your choice. The difference with the universities listed above and top universities like the University of Nairobi is that the former are not strict with admissions and they have very flexible systems.

Another advantage of joining these universities is the fact that a student can graduate with less than 4 years. In fact most students graduate with less than three years because of the tri semesters.






5 responses to “Universities which admit students with C, C- and D KCSE grades for degrees in Kenya”

  1. venas Avatar

    You can start with a certificate course

  2. joy santa Avatar
    joy santa

    I got a D+ and want to join Kenyatta university,do they offer courses of such grade?

  3. venas Avatar

    Yes.You can join MKU

  4.  Avatar

    Comment:can i be able to join the pre university course by january with the low grade i got

  5. Evans komu mwanzia Avatar
    Evans komu mwanzia

    Im among who scored these grades and i hope these compuses can help me to further my studies

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