USB University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) Research Centres


USB University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) has several Research Centres

Various centres at the USB undertake specialised research, publish articles and journals, and offer workshops, programmes and conferences.

Centre for Corporate Governance in Africa
This Centre conducts multi-disciplinary research and offers interventions to improve the effectiveness of corporate governance in African organisations. Among others, the Centre focuses on:

  • The development of the compliance and performance aspects of directors’ attitudes, knowledge and skills
  • The link between corporate governance, business ethics and total organisational performance.

Africa Centre for Dispute Settlement
ACDS is a hub for research and reflection on conflict prevention and conflict resolution. It partners with business, government, labour and local communities to reduce the costs of conflict and increase collaborative opportunities. It works to achieve transformation in the next generation of dispute resolution practitioners and scholars.​​

Institute for Futures Research
The Institute for Futures Research specialises in futures studies primarily as a support service for knowledge and strategic management. It identifies emerging trends and organisational methods, and organisations join as associates. The Institute offers the MPhil in Futures Studies. Its research focuses on:

  • Business futuristics and the systems approach to transformation management
  • Long-term economic structure studies
  • Applied demographics
  • Technology foresight
  • Socio-political studies
  • Energy futures.