Veterinary Doctors Salaries in South Africa


Veterinary Doctors salaries in South Africa vary depending on the institution one works for. Latest survey show that a fresh graduate earns average salary of R17, 000 per month.

If you are employed by an NGO, you will earn between R400,000 to R500,000 per year while those employed by the government earn slightly less than R450,000-in fact between R 300,000 to R 400,000 pa.

There are two categories of veterinary doctors, there are those that are self-employed and another group of working for private and public institutions. We have established that those in self-employment earn more than twice those in employment-which is why many South Africans venture into private practice.

For you to earn more than other Veterinary doctors you have to pursue a degree in Veterinary Medicine, a Masters Degree and practice for at least three years. You then establish your own company to do private practice.