Rich Kenyans who are school drop outs

Rich Kenyans who are school drop outs

I have come across many Kenyans who believe that wealth comes through education, without realizing that knowledge and wisdom are totally different things. We grew up knowing that the only route to wealth and success is education, but when I opened my eyes I realized that there are serious tycoons who made it without or with little formal education.

If you are one of those Kenyans who never had a chance to complete school and you still believe that you can’t make it, you are wrong. There are so many things you can do in Kenya to reach for greatness. Some business opportunities don’t necessarily require skills but wisdom and determination.

This article contains names of a few individuals who have made it in life yet they have little education. It’s so encouraging to see such people succeeding to the extent of employing University professors.

1. Simeon Nyachae
Simeon Nyachae is a popular Kisii politician who served the Governments of Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki.He was so influential in Kisii politics that anyone who wanted Kisii votes had to pass through him.

One surprising thing about this great man is that he never went past elementary school during his time. However, he had a very good command of English language.

Nyachae is among the wealthiest Kenyans and his wealth is enough to feed the entire nation for years. He is estimated to be worth Ksh 40 billion.

2. Njenga Karume
This man inspired many Kenyans through his moving testimony which he revealed to the entire nation that he never went to anyone’s class.Njenga Karume managed to start charcoal selling business when everybody and everything avoided him. He later built an empire worth Ksh 50 billion.

The late Karume was at one time listed by Forbes as the wealthiest individual in Kenya.

3. Johnson Muthama
Muthama hails from Ukambani region and is currently the Machakos Senator. Before joining politics, he was a dedicated business man.

The Senator is among many wealth Kenyans who never progressed much in terms of education.Muthama dropped out of school in standard seven. He later started doing business in his village, which opened many doors for the no nonsense politician. His mining business was a boom in in 1990, which gave him billions of shillings.

Muthama is estimated to be worthy over Ksh20 billion. He has accounts locally and internationally.

4. Masoud Mwahima.
Masoud Mwahima never went to school at all despite holding senior positions in the country. During the time of the coalition government, the coast politician was a staunch supporter for Raila Odinga.

At one time Mwahima realized that he was the only senior coast politician not having even a single certificate. He decided to register for KCPE to save himself an embarrassment. However, he ended up scoring E in every subject, in fact he was ranked bottom in the entire country. But the bottom line is that he is very very rich, he even employs graduates in his many businesses.

I feel encouraged when I see great people travelling the road which is believed to be for the elites. There are so many inspiration stories coming from great Kenyans who made it in life through sheer determination and hard work.Clearly, education is not a major factor as far as success is concerned






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