Website SEO Tips



Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips is a rare topic online. Most publishers will never provide essential tips as they fear competition. Today we are going to provide tips that can help your website grow even without social media pages.

I will explain the meaning of the word SEO in a layman’s language.Assumming you take 20 minutes to write a 3,000 word article, which you post on your blog. Upon posting, you realize it takes 4 days to appear on search engines. To make matters worse, the articles appears on page 10 of Google .In another case, someone writes a 300 word article, which takes him 5 minutes to write, posts it on his blog and the article appears on the search engines two minutes into posting.Interestingly,it appears on Page one of Google. Looking at these two scenarios, you will conclude that the second article has the best SEO.Now, how will you achieve this?!

For you to get into the first page of Google, you need to understand few things. The first and most important thing is to post at least once a day. When you do that, Google bots will be able to crawl your articles as soon as you post them. This will shorten the time your articles will take to appear on search engines.

What I mostly do before I post my articles is to check the keywords. I make sure my title, the first paragraph and the article in general have the required keywords. I understand that in blogging, using the right keyword is the only way to ensure your articles appear on the first page of search engines. While some bloggers have mastered the art of using the right keywords, there are many who still don’t know how to employ keywords, especially longtail keywords. There are thousands who use Long Tail Keyword tool to identify the best keywords for their websites. The tool allows them to use it for free for at least 15 days. You can sign up for the tool here (sign up link)

After you have mastered how to use keywords in your articles,the next step is to understand how to boost the articles in terms of page views and Google rankings.I would suggest you use SEMrush to boost your blog or simply use social media.Here is a link to sign up for free.

SEMrush is particularly important when your blog is few months old. After you sign up and successfully get an account, you will be able to get incredible results.

Another important integral part of blogging is the content you post. What you should know is that your readers will judge you based on what you post. Since content is key, you have to write what readers want to read-without writing high quality articles, your blogging journey will end prematurely.