What is the best hosting plan for a website getting 10,000 visitors per day?


I am having a website that is going viral. Recently, the website received over 20,000 visitors per day and it went down. I had to wait for 24 hours before it came online. During the period, I lost over $60 in revenues.

Due to the problem of frequent downtime, I would like to know the best hosting company to host my website that will not bring any issues to by blog.


If you have a viral wordpress blog, the best hosting company is one that allows your blog to grow without downtime. I have tested several web hosting companies but I can tell you for sure there is no any web hosting company that comes near Kinsta.Currently,this website and several others that I own are hosted at Kinsta and I can confess I haven’t been comfortable the way I am today. Nowadays I simply wake up knowing my website is okay.

What exactly makes Kinsta the most ideal hosting company for viral websites? From my own experience, the company servers are so powerful that they scale automatically when your site receives traffic spikes. In case your blog exhausts allocated recources, instead of being suspended, the company your website to be online but charges 1$ for each extra bandwidth.

For a website that receives 20,000 and above in traffic,Kinsta is the best hosting company for such traffic.

Here is the link to Kinsta website