Where diploma in banking and finance graduate can get a job in Kenya


I am David from Nakuru.I graduated in 2011 with a diploma in Banking and Finance. I have been searching for a job since then but in vain. I am now wondering, where and how can I secure employment in Kenya?

A diploma in Finance and Accounting is marketable but as a graduate you need to be more aggressive. If you find yourself jobless 43 years into graduation, you should start thinking of pursuing either a professional course or a degree programme related to finance.

I cannot deny that unemployment rate in Kenya is high but if you have the right qualifications I don’t see why you should be jobless.

The mistake most graduates do is going to major towns to seek employment, or simply seeking employment where everyone is making applications to.

The first step you should take is to change your strategy. Simply identify institutions like SACCOs and microfinance that are situated in remote areas and apply for employment there. Also, seek employment in hotels, manufacturing and real estate companies.

I know as a graduate, you believe that by pursuing Banking and Finance, you will only work in Banks. Let me discourage you a bit. Banks rarely employ diploma graduates unless it’s front office job. The best and easiest sectors to get employment are manufacturing, milk industry, small audit firms, hotel industry and real estate companies. But the bottom line is, try to upgrade your degree, if possible pursue CFA or ACCA