Where to board matatus to, Githurai, Kawangware, Kayole, Komarock, Embakasi, Utawala, Rongai and Donholm from Nairobi


Being in Nairobi for the first time is the most exciting as well as unique experience anyone can get in a city which is highly congested and extremely busy. Assuming you have arrived in Nairobi for the first time and you are not sure which direction to take to your destination, this article aims to help you how to conduct yourself as well as where to board matatus to various estates within the city.

We would first like to inform you about the most common estates in Nairobi, they include Kayole, Buruburu,Donholm,Embakasi,Utawala,Umoja,Kitengela,Embakasi,Langata,Kawangware,Kibera,Uthiru,Roysambu,Githurai,Kahawa West,Kangemi,Dandora,Pipeline,Tassia,and  Kahawa Sukari

If you are looking for a stage for one of the estates listed above, this is the direction to follow.

Kayole Estate

The stage for Kayole is found either in Muthurwa Market or the stage next to Machakos Country Bus.Once you arrive in Nairobi, go straight to Afya Centre and ask any soldier you meet there where Muthurwa market is and he will direct you.

Transport from town to Kayole is normally Sh 50-Sh 70 during rush hours and sh 20-Sh 30 during off peak hours. The common vehicles on Kayole route include Forward Travellers and Double M

Embakasi/Tassia/Pipeline/Utawala Estates

Vehicles going to Embakasi, Tassia, Pipeline and Utawala estates have their stages at Ambassador house and Railway station. At Ambassador you will board Matatus with identity numbers 34 (going to pipeline, Tassia and Embakasi) or 33 (going to Utawala).The best vehicles to board include City Hoppa,KBS and City Shuttle. You can also board Embassava vehicles at Bus Station

If you are in a hurry, you can also walk to Total petrol station opposite Cooperative House located along Haile Selassie Avenue.

The vehicles usually charge Ksh50-Ksh80 during rush hours and Ksh30-Ksh40 during off peak hours.


Vehicles going to Buruburu can be traced at Ambassador House next to where Embakasi and Pipeline vehicles have their stage. Other vehicles are also found at bus station. Other vehicles are also found along Ronald Ngara Street.

Roysambu, Ruaka,Githurai, Kahawa West, Ruiru, Juja, Thika,Kahawa West,Kahawa Sukari  Stages

The stage for these routes can be traced at Ronald Ngara Street. Here there are several matatus and buses which go to these estates.

Vehicles going to Githurai are given identification number 45 while those going to Kahawa West bear the number 44; these two are most confusing.

During off peak hours the fare is Sh20-Sh30 while during rush hours the fare is Ksh 50-Sh80 for Githurai, Ruaka, Kahawa West and Roysambu routes. Vehicles going to Juja charge between Ksh80-Ksh100 during peak hours and Ksh 60-Ksh80 during off peak hours.

If you are going to JKUAT, KU, KCA University, NIBS Ruiru,Zetech College Ruiru or Mount Kenya University, then you can board one of these matatus

Rongai route

This route is unique because Matatus here are very classy and modern but the fare is extremely high during peak hours.

Matatus to Rongai route are found at Railway station and Agip .The fare is usually between Ksh 80-Ksh150 during peak hours and Ksh 30-Ksh50 during off peak hours.

This route is expensive because of the heavy traffic which is usually witnessed on Langata Road.

Donholm/Umoja/Savanna routes

If you are seeking a stage to these routes, you can either go to Muthurwa Market, Bus Station, or Ronald Ngara Street. There are also Double M vehicles which have their stage at Ambassador House.

Kenyatta National Hospital/Kawangare/Karen/Kawangware/Ngong/Kibera/Dagoretti Corner,satellite states

Vehicles going to these estates have their stage at Kencom House which is in Nairobi City Centre. Other vehicles can be found in Railway Station and GPO Nairobi

Uthiru, Kangemi,Kikuyu,Westlands

Vehicles going to these routes have their stage at Odeon Cinema Nairobi where Nairobi Fire Station is located. You can also board the vehicles at Anniversary Towers or Uhuru Highway, opposite University of Nairobi Main Campus


Vehicles going to Eastleigh have their stage along Luthuli avenue.There are so many vehicles going to Eastleig because it’s  very busy route.During off peak hours,they charge Ksh20-Ksh40 and during rush hours they charge Ksh50-Ksh80

Kitengela/Mlolongo route

Vehicles going to these two estates have their stage at Railway Station. They charge Ksh 40-Ksh70 during off peak hours and Ksh 70-Ksh100 during peak hours

Langata route

The vehicles going to Langata have their stage at Railway Station and they charge Ksh30-Ksh50 during off peak hours and Ksh 50-Ksh70 during peak hours


The vehicles for these routes have their stage at the bus station. Others have their stage at Ronald Ngara


Matatus going to Ngara have their stage at Odeon Cinema where Nairobi fire station is situated






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