Where To Buy Genuine and Cheapest Laptops in Uganda


There are several companies that sell genuine laptops in Uganda. Some of the best and most durable laptops include Apple, Toshiba, Dell, ASUS, Lenovo,Samsung and Sony.

Buying a genuine laptop will save you from taking the machine to the specialist periodically. It will also help you perform some functions that fake laptops won’t perform.

Identifying a company that sells genuine laptops in Uganda is hard, but we can help you by listing the companies that have a variety of laptops that will suite your taste.

  1. Real Systems Uganda
  2. Pavan Computers
  3. PC World Computers Ltd
  4. Mobofree
  5. Dignet
  6. Kaymu
  7. Lenovo Uganda
  8. Dell Uganda
  9. PCmag
  10. Sony Uganda
  11. Computer Aid Uganda
  12. SolarNow

Most of the companies are found in Kampala and they sell laptops at a throw away price.








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