Where to start mpesa business and get high profits in Kenya


M-Pesa business has grown tremendously since it was incorporated in Kenya in 2007.The Safaricom mobile money transfer service has created millions of jobs both directly and indirectly. At the moment, the country can literary stand if M-Pesa services are closed. This shows how Kenyans depend on the business for survival.

If you are planning to start M-Pesa business, where exactly do you set it up? Moving around the country, you will realize that there are places where M-Pesa business is not common while other areas have over 20 M-Pesa shops per 20 square Kilometres.If you see and area has many M-Pesa shops know that there is a lot of money in circulation in that area.

Below are places where you can start mpesa business and get very high profits.

1. In shopping malls
If you find a small room or space in a shopping mall anywhere in Kenya, please set up an mpesa shop. Even if the supermarkets have their own mpesa shops, you will not miss to get at least Ksh2, 000 per day.

2. Near Colleges and Universities
We have several millionaires who made it by just starting mpesa shop near a university. The amount of money in circulation in collages is huge,

Setting up this kind of business inside a college or just outside will enable you capture as many student customers as possible, with a number receiving money from parents and sponsors.

3. In Nairobi CBD, Mombasa town, Kisumu town and Nakuru town
These three towns have a huge population who transact money every minute. Nairobi City is one of the best towns to start mpesa shop business. Some of the mpesa operators along Moi Avenue, Luthuli Avenue and Accra Road makeup to Ksh 30,000 per day from a single mpesa shop.

4. Near bus station
Bus station has several people travelling up country or within towns. Setting the business near a bus station will solve for you all the financial problems you have experienced for ages. Even if the rent is very high, you won’t miss to make a kill.

5. Near a pub/busy hotel
Don’t hesitate to start mpesa shop whenever you see an empty space near a pub or a busy hotel. The people who frequent the pub will be your regular customers.

6. Near village market
Every town has a market which occurs at a specific day of the week. Some towns have markets where traders conduct their businesses daily. This is the best place to put up an mpesa shop to realize maximum profit.






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