Which is the best course to study in Kenya between Medicine, Law and Engineering?


Law, medicine and Engineering courses are the most preferred degree courses by most Kenyans, who are hungry for higher education, but many of them fail to choose which among them is best.Today, we wish to exhaustively explain why you should choose the medicine and not law or engineering.

A degree in Medicine and surgery is better than engineering and law degree courses. Latest statistics show that only less than 10 % of medicine graduates are jobless in Kenya while engineering and law graduates have at least 30 % of graduates jobless.

The best thing about a degree in medicine and surgery is that, though it will take long to graduate, opportunities are numerous. There is a huge demand of doctors in Botswana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, UK, USA and many other countries while the demand for lawyers in those countries is almost zero. A course that has a deficit in personnel is the best course for a career hungry Kenyan.

In terms of salaries, the three professionals earn almost the same amount but doctors in private hospitals earn more than lawyers and engineers in private sector.

When it comes to skills, the skills for doctors are very unique. Patients look for doctors and not the other way round but Lawyers look for clients. Engineers too hustle for tenders and clients.

In terms of entrepreneurship and business, it is easier for doctors to start clinic and start making profits instantly than a lawyer or engineer. Law profession depends on talent and competition while medical profession requires only skills.

In order to join medicine in Kenyan universities you must possess at least A in public universities and at least B+ in private universities.