Which is the Best Dedicated Server?

Which is the Best Dedicated Server?

I have been hosting my site on a shared hosting plan. Recently my website started receiving a lot of traffic and I was told to migrate my website to a dedicated server. I want to know the company with the best dedicated server


I will provide an answer based on my personal experience. I have used several web hosting companies before and none has come near Kinsta and Liquidweb.Currently,one of my viral websites is hosted at Kinsta and I can tell you for free that this is a wonderful hosting company. You may think I am praising it because I am a co-owner but I am saying this out of the excellent services I have received from them.

If you have a WordPress site, there is no need of hosting it elsewhere, simply contact Kinsta and have your website hosted. But I will tell you some of the benefits I get.

Kinsta servers are very powerful, so powerful that even if your site receives traffic spikes, the servers will automatically scale to sustain the traffic-this is what your site demands.

Here is a free link to kinsta website (Kinsta link)

Another advantage I get from Kinsta is that whenever I notice suspicious activities on my sites,I contact them to check for malicious codes, and they respond promptly. Malware was injected in some of my blogs and the guys at Kinsta removed it at unbelievable speed…to my surprise, the job was done for free.

Another benefit I enjoy is that my sites have never experienced downtime since I migrated them to Kinsta.I thank them for that.

Finally, you will notice that my websites load at blazing speed, this one I credit Kinsta.

Another company I will recommend is Liquidweb.This company’s servers are super powerful and are cheap for those who have viral websites. The servers cost from as little as $199 per month to a maximum of $569 per month.

If you have a viral website, please migrate it to Liquid web. Here is the website link(Liquid web website)