Which WordPress Theme Can Increase My AdSense Income?

Which WordPress Theme Can Increase My AdSense Income?

I own a website that uses AdSense. Over the past one year my AdSense has stagnated despite working hard to improve my income. I am wondering why the money I am getting is not increasing even after my blog traffic increased by 100%.I wish to know the best WordPress Theme to use on my blog so that my income can improve.


Before I recommend the best WordPress theme to use,I would like to note that I only recommend a theme that have used before. Currently I am using Newspaper Theme, which has served me perfectly. I have said this before, but let me repeat again. When I was using AdSense, I experienced the same thing as you and I had to seek opinion from an expert, who recommended Newspaper Theme. What I realized after implementing the theme on my blog is a 300% increase in my AdSense earnings. In addition, my blog traffic increased by nearly 400 %.

I like Newspaper Theme because It’s SEO friendly, light and has many Ad spaces. It is also easy to implement on any blog, even a career blog.

How to buy the Theme

The original theme can be bought from WPion, which is a company that several WordPress themes(visit website)

The theme costs $59 and once you purchase it you will be provided with a guide on how to implement it on your blog. The theme comes with several templates, you are at liberty to choose the best template.