Who is Malik Obama


Malik Obama is the eldest brother of Barack Obama and the son of Obama Senior’s first wife,Kezia.

Obama Sr. left one-year-old Malik, and Malik’s mother, in Kenya in 1959, and moved to Hawaii, where he met President Obama’s mother. The president and Malik first met one another in 1985.

Malik, 58, spent most of his time in Kogelo Kenya, where he was born before relocating to America. He later joined Barack Obama in Hawaii, and according to the US President, Malik was among the close relatives who attended his wedding.

As a grown up, Malik moved to Maryland where he worked as an accountant. He later worked as a consultant in Washington. After getting bored with life in America, he moved back to his motherland, Kenya and opened a small shop in Kogelo.

In 2008,after Barack Obama became the US President,Malik opened a foundation named  Barack H. Obama foundation but he later closed it after he was accused of not paying taxes.

Frustrations forced the Obama’s half-brother to accuse the President of doing little to help him. He later became one of Obama’s fierce critics.

“My brother didn’t help me at all. He wanted me to shut it down when I set it up. He hasn’t supported me at all”, laments Malik

The bad blood between Obama and Malik made the latter to campaign against him during Obama’s re-election campaign. Luckily, Obama defeated opponents, contrary to Malik’s wishes.

Malik had a bone to pick with Obama and Democrats: In 2017, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump used him to embarrass Democrat’s Hillary Clinton but his many twitter updates never made any impact.

Malik has now lost direction; he depends on well-wishers, like Trump, for handouts. But the Kenyan born never see eye to eye with Barack Obama even after his efforts to discredit Obama’s record as president failed terribly.

As he drums up support for Donald Trump, his family in Kenya have disowned him. The family argues that Malik is a disgrace to Obama family and therefore being associated with the Trump supporter is an embarrassment to the Luo community.

Before I forget,Malik’s name was in 2013 elections and he managed only 694 votes-he came last in a crowded race.