Why Diploma Graduates are not getting jobs in South Africa


Diploma qualification has been rendered almost useless in South Africa. Today if you possess diploma qualification, chances of securing employment are very slim. There are not many reasons why these graduates remain jobless forever, simply because degree holders have become millions in numbers.

Unless you are pursuing a diploma in nursing, accounting, sales and marketing, purchasing and supplies, monitoring and evaluation and architecture, chances of you securing employment here are slim.

It has now reached a moment when diploma holders are more desperate than illiterate citizens. Moving from one office to the other, you will notice there are thousands of job applications from diploma graduates, and no one cares to employ them.

Unlike 20 years ago when securing employment was easier than eating, nowadays even masters holders are not guaranteed employment. With this kind of situation, diploma holders are advised to further their studies so that they can increase the chances of securing employment and earning more money.

In simple terms, diploma program in South Africa is becoming irrelevant by the day, unless you need skills for entrepreneurship.To make matters worse,even if you are so good at your work,chances of earning more than degree holders are almost zero.

As a diploma graduate in South Africa,you can only rescue yourself from the jaws of poverty and helplessness by improving your academic skills.






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