Why Female Bloggers in Kenya aren’t successful

Female bloggers in Kenya aren’t as successful as their male counterparts.When we rank the most successful blogs in Kenya,none of the top 50 are owned by women.This raises a question:why do women bloggers in Kenya not successful?

The first reason is that there is no one to guide women on important aspects of blogging.I personally know a number of female bloggers who started with lightening pace but ended up giving up after failing to achieve their target.In blogging,money doesn’t come easily,traffic doesn’t come easily and a lot of money is needed to maintain a blog.Most women find it hard to break in the male dominated industry because in this community,everybody for himself/herself.

Another reason as to why women aren’t successful is because they fail to identify less competitive niche.We all know news and entertainment blogs are saturated, but areas like technology ,music and fashion have a lot of opportunities-no single individual has ever told them so.

Lack of interest in blogging is also another reason women don’t thrive in blogging in Kenya.

The last reason is because most ladies don’t have enough capital to enable them start and earn some income.You find that starting a blog is easy but maintaining it is costly-this makes it almost impossible for economically challenged female bloggers.