Why I Have Hosted My WordPress Website at Pagely for 5 Years

I am one of those people who are careful about webhosting, I chose Pagely after realizing GoDaddy, Namecheap and Bluehost couldn’t accommodate me due to my high website traffic,I receive daily visitors in excess of 70,000.

In 2012,one of my websites became viral.It was being hosted at Namecheap.Waking up one morning,I tried to login to my blog and start posting as usual,only to find this message: ”Website Suspended”. Upon inquiring from Namecheap,I was told my website was consuming too much resources.I got furious and told them to unsuspend the website. Though they accepted reluctantly, I realized I would later become a bother. And that was the time I started searching for a reasonable Web Hosting Company.

In December 2012,after two months of frustrations, I moved to Pagely.At Pagely I contacted customer service, who helped me instantly, as opposed to my former web hosting company. One of the representatives helped me to migrate my website into their company for free.

My journey with Pagely started. Since my website was receiving 20,000-30,000 daily page views, they advised me to join their cheapest plan, VPS-1, which cost me $499 per month-I was comfortable with that because I was making roughly $2,000 per month from advertisements.

My website stagnated at the plan for more than 3 years before it started consuming more than the 200GB bandwidth, that was when I decided to upgrade to a more advanced plan, VPS2,which cost me $999 per month. By this time my website was receiving daily traffic amounting to 60,000.

I have been with Pagely until today and every month I pay $999 but I can assure you I am one of the most comfortable customers of this company.

There are several things that make me stick to Pagely.The most important is website security.Before I migrated to Pagely,my website used to be attacked by malware every now and then.I could spend over $50 every month for website cleaning. But Pagely secured my website; I have never experienced issues with viruses and malware.

Another important thing I have learnt about Pagely is that 99.9 % uptime is guaranteed; in fact, there is no time I have experienced issues with my website.

But before you decide to migrate your website to Pagely, you should be aware of this, that websites with heavy traffic are the most ideal for this company. Also websites that receive occasional traffic spikes should be hosted ad Pagely.

For my case, I will remain at this company until I give up on blogging.