Signs that you should change your job:employer not increasing salary,you are overworked


There is much enthusiasm and excitement when a graduate secures the first jobs. This time, he is very green, with so much expectation. He is not alone though, even the parents and the community slaughter several goats, hoping to see their son excelling in life.

The graduate is ushered into the working environment, where everyone looks friendly and eager to help him learn the aspects of the firm as quick as possible. Six months down the line, he becomes an expert. That’s the moment where he is given a title, say Assistant Accountant. The boss orders for him a comfortable seat and a laptop plus a desk top to make him feel at home.

He works for one year with a title Assistant Accountant, two years with the same title but with more responsibilities. By this time, he starts noticing something strange, everyone who joins the company after him get promoted with of course good pay. ‘Why me’, he questions himself.

The Assistant Accountant decides to further studies so that the management can be convinced that he is fit enough for a promotion. He enrolls for a Masters in Business Administration. He also enrolls for a professional course in Accounting and Finance. By this time, the society starts becoming impatient. All the expectations they had from him starts fading away, they are now left speechless.

After spending two years in college, he graduates with an MBA.Excited that maybe the boss would see he’s ambitious, he breaks the good news to hims.The boss nods and just says, that’s okay, congratulations’.

Two months, six months, one year nothing is happening, he is still Assistant Accountant with a meager salary. He decides to ask the boss to increase salary and promote him. The boss refuses to listen to him, instead he rudely tells him to move on if he wishes.

There are a million and one professionals who are facing this challenge. They are suffering silently and crying internally, no one to turn to. They find themselves in an awkward position after realizing that their peers have achieved a lot and they can’t catch up.

If you find yourself in an environment where you are not growing, it’s time to move on. Look for greener pastures or start a business venture. Five years are enough to determine whether you are heading the right direction or you are just wasting time.

Sometimes it’s good to make a sacrifice. You may have an employer who gives you small bonus at the end of the year, someone who treats you well and always promises good things, but when you look at yourself you discover that you are trailing other professionals. That is the right time to say bye.

We all go to school to better our lives and if we find someone taking our life for granted, we should teach them a lesson by always doing what satisfies our conscience. Don’t do things to please your boss while you are silently suffering, life is short so you should use the limited time you have to better your life.

I have seen several professionals change careers,why not you!Even if you are an Accountant,there are better things you can do other than counting money,it’s never too late.






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