Why You are Growing Fat Despite Always Visiting The Gym and Doing Exercises


Many people, especially women, always ask themselves, “why am I growing fat despite always going to the gym”. This question is easy, but first we analyze why you are unable to control your weight.

The most basic reason why your weight continue to grow despite frequenting the gym is because your body is always passive once you are out of the gym. Most people think that after exercising in the gym they are not at risk of adding more Wight. Let me tell you one thing, when you do intensive exercise, your body responds, and in the process appetite for food increases. This is the time you eat more than your usual food quantity. The food you eat during this time is fast absorbed and used to build tissues.

One thing you should know is that the more you work the more you consume, and work out in the gym means you opens more space for food after losing water and energy during the exercise.

What is required is that you should not stop performing exercises after the gym, make sure you sometimes avoid using your car, whenever you go shopping walk and when you are in the office always avoid sitting for a long time.

Another thing you should do is to avoid eating fatty food and food prepared with solid cooking oil. You should also drink a lot of water and fruit juice. Also ensure you sweat at least once a day to avoid adding more fat into your body.