Business ideas for Fresh Graduates in Kenya:selling women clothes and hand bags

The moment graduates complete their undergraduate education, their hopes are up there, you can’t convince any that jobs are scarce in the country; they will even spit at you.

Six months down the line, you meet a number of them in the street, dejected, resigned and embarrassed to speak out their cases, but we understand them anyway. Most of them have sent over 1000 applications to companies and no one has been sympathetic enough to give them even internship. This is the moment a graduate starts becoming innovative.

If you find yourself in such a situation, you better stop thinking about employment and figure out suitable business to start so that you can scare away some common conditions like depression. If you succeed to secure employment when you still own some venture, well and good but don’t allow yourself to be a slave of your academic papers.

The people you see around driving big cars, living large and spending like nobody’s business are all entrepreneurs; unfortunately, most of them never went to school.

There is this thing we call pride, very common among graduates. They have set standards and class that can’t allow them perform some roles within the society. This is what is killing Kenya, pride has denied many Kenyans opportunities to be innovative and contribute positively to the society.

Back to our topic, one of the most profitable small businesses is selling of women shoes and clothes.The world we are living now is totally different from the previous decade, women no longer depend on men to buy them clothes, cosmetics and even take them to salon, they have money.

Women are known to be big spenders, and as more and more join the corporate world, they must dress decently and most obvious look trendy. As a graduate, this is one opportunity you should not let pass you, grab it.

Eastleigh is just 10 metres away, start by investing Ksh 10,000 on first couple of shoes and clothes, then advertise your products on social media and also tell your neighbours about your new venture. You will be surprised over time that white collar jobs were meant to make people ignorant of the surrounding.

I was with a friend in college in 2006 and immediately she completed, she started selling t shirts and women handbags. I feel embarrassed to write this, she owns a big shop along Moi Avenue and every time I pass there, she always buys me lunch. When she started, I thought she was crazy since she used to perform well in class.






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