Worst Degrees courses to study in Nigeria in 2016


Pursuing a degree course is not a guarantee that you would get a lucrative job after your graduation. There are many jobless graduates in Abuja and Lagos who are languishing in poverty, simply because they made the wrong choices regarding their careers.

Choosing the right career will enable you to pursue your dream to maximum satisfaction but a wrong career will put you into life of total misery.

Having gone through Nigerian system, interacted with several human resources professionals, I reveal some of the worst degrees to pursue in Nigeria.


Degree in Education will never get you anywhere near success, unless you have your own school .Studying a degree in Education in Nigeria is a waste of time.


Do you even know what Sociology entails! People are crying here Nigeria, none other than Sociologists. They studied big books, went through the normal academic process but companies rejected them simply because their skills were irrelevant.

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts is a general course which makes even the student unable to know his identity as far as career is concerned. Before you decide to pursue this course think twice.


Tell me any company that employs Anthropologists in Nigeria; almost none. These are people whose skills were required in 18th century, they are not needed anymore.

Bachelor of Science (general)

The word science looks so ‘sweet’ but when it comes to Bachelor of Science, it won’t help you at all unless you combine with professional courses like ACCA or CFA.

Bachelor of horticulture

This is another course you should not attempt to pursue here in Nigeria, unless you want to be a farmer. In fact, no one will employ you.






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